Steam rice paper roll (prawns)

  • Rice paper roll (Prawn)

Name: Steamed rice paper rolls with prawns

Mandarin: xian xia chang fen

Cantonese: Sin Ha Cheung Fun

Main Ingredients: 

Skin: Rice flour, wheat starch or sometimes corn (or potato or water chestnut) starch

Filling: Prawns, spring onion, ginger, bamboo shoot

Key taste points:

Skin:  a well made skin is the key to this dish – ‘white like snow’, ‘thin like paper’, translucent, smooth and slightly chewy. A successful skin should not easily tear apart when being picked up by chopsticks.

Filling: fresh whole prawns, the combo with crunchy bamboo should give a ‘bouncy’ /firm yet soft, crunchy texture.

Sauce: sweet and not too salty soya sauce that compliment but not overpower the delicate rice paper and fresh prawn taste. If all you can taste is the soya sauce then the dish has failed.

Cooking method: