Minced beef balls

  • Beef mince balls with bean curd sheets


Name: Steamed Beef balls

Mandarin: shan zhu niu rou

Cantonese: san juk ngau yook


Main Ingredients: 

Beef mince, pork mince (beef to pork ratio is about 12:1), water chestnut, bean curd sheets, coriander


Key taste points:

The beef ball texture is usually ‘smooth’ and ‘soft’ (achieved by adding water into the mince mixture before cooking) – it’s almost like fish balls but less ‘bouncy’ and softer.  You also have the water chestnut in the mixture with provides good contrasting texture to the smoothness of the beef balls. It’s one of the traditional dishes that you must try at Yum Cha!


Cooking method: steamed