What is Dim Sum?

Dim sum is a generic word for light refreshments or snacks. Some common types of dim sum include dumplings, sweets, buns, rolls, pastry, cakes etc. It literally means “a little something” from the heart. Dim sum has existed under different names thousands of years ago ever since the beginning of the Chinese civilization. The legend of dim sum goes a little something like this:

About 1500 years ago during the Dong Jing Dynasty in China, an Army General felt that he must do something to reward his soldiers for their dedication and hard work as they risks their lives for him every day. Thus he commanded his Army chefs to make some snacks that common people ate in that era and had it sent to the front line soldiers. He said to his men this is “????” (“dim dim sum yee”) – meaning this is a little something to show my appreciation, and so the shortened version “dim sum” spread amongst the commoners and passed on generations as the new word for ‘snack’. It is usually made and offered as gifts to show appreciation for good work done.

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